We support your wound care R&D projects

EVOSource is a R&D service platform for wound healing projects of potential partners like medical device companies, Pharma or Biotech looking for development expertise, repositioning their products or new applications.

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We will support the development of your projects in the area of wound healing.
We can position or reposition your products based on new knowledge of the mode of action and even try to generate new Intellectual Property.

  • Pre-clinical models covering the function and healing of skin
  • Ex vivo efficacy & mode of action studies
  • Animal models for wound healing
  • Clinical development

service portfolio
offered with our partners

Skin models
  • Epidermal model
  • Full thickness skin model
  • Vacularized skin model (SkinVaSc-TERM®)
  • Various disease models (e.g. melanoma)
Skin simulations
  • Standardized skin method:

irritation, corrosion, penetration, anti oxidative effects, anti-inflammatory effects

  • Custom-made test procedures depending on client’s needs
Ex vivo efficacy & mode of action studies
  • Burn and infected wounds
  • Explanted pig and human skin
  • OFM studies using explanted pig skin
Animal models
  • Acute and burn wounds
  • Chronic wound models
Clinical trials
  • Organizing and coordinating clinical trials
  • In Mexico and Latin America for international customers
  • Clinical consulting of Mexican doctors for EU wound care projects
  • Network of key opinion leaders

clinical network
and market access

In collaboration with our partner QRSKIN GmbH – We have access to a global network of wound healing scientist, excellent research organization, health care professional’s and KOL’s for wound treatment. We are able to organize and coordinate clinical trials in Mexico and Latin America for international customers. We convey consulting of Mexican doctors for EU wound care projects

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clinical network

We open pre clinical & clinical research networks and development expertise for the success of your project.

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