combine Non-invasive wound monitoring with wound healing

EVOSens is a non-invasive wound sensor dressing that gives critical information to clinicians by visually signaling the pH level of the wound in real time. This solution is a wound dressing itself. Based on a highly moisturized cellulose, it can treat the wound or if the sensor signals the need, the therapy can be changed for a more advanced treatment, like EVOCellic.

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targeting a high
unmet need for

advanced wound healing solutions

For controlling the treatment of more complicated dermal wounds that heal slowly and non  adequatly. For example globally 50 million patients suffer from chronic wounds in industrialized countries alone.

  • Targets chronic hard to heal wounds
  • Applied and monitored by doctors or nurses
  • Used in hospitals, wound care centers, nursing homes and out patient care
  • Drives the decision for adjusting treatments
  • Reduce the need of dressing changes

Key Features

non invasive
  • Integrated into wound dressing
  • No sampling of wound fluids
  • No risk of infection
visual features
  • Sensitive color change above a wound pH of 7
  • Bright blue stain with high local resolution
realtime signaling
  • Monitore the pH directly after application or at any later time point
  • Find the right time point if a dressing change is needed

How Evosens
works in detail

ph 8-9
ph 6-7

EVOSens can be applied as a sterile dressing to the wound. It will provide clear, localized and easily understandable information on the pH level thanks to the color dye. Preliminary data suggest that the cost-effectiveness of EVOSens would be superior to current wound pH monitoring solutions, which usually involve expensive electronic devices or invasive sampling of fluids.

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Shift from traditional wound management with multiple cycles of clinical assessment and adjustment of the treatment, to making the timely and clinically relevant decisions on further treatment of the wound.

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