shelf-ready wound
healing solution

EVOCellic is a keratinocyte-based tissue engineered skin substitute made from allogeneic cells. It is a cell-based therapy solution to be applied to wounds. When applied to the wound, EVOCellic enables a fast and effective healing by promoting the skin’s natural regeneration process through the release of growth factors.

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targeting a high
unmet need for

advanced wound healing solutions

EVOCellic may be used for a variety of purposes thanks to its mechanism of action, which stimulates the natural healing process of the wound, the two indications that are currently targeted are deep dermal burns and chronic wounds effecting > 60 million patients in industrialized countries.

  • Targets deep dermal burns and chronic wounds
  • Applied by doctors after wound debridement
  • Used for treating hospitalized burn vitctims  including children
  • Stimulates the chronic wound healing of diabetic or elderly patients

Key Features
OF EVOCellic

shelf ready
  • The cell based product preserved by freeze drying
  • Ready  to use when ever the patient requires it without waiting times
easy storage
  • Our proprietary freeze drying process preserves its biological activity
  • Product can be stored at 4 degrees celsius for several months
next-gen innovation
  • Human allogenic keratinocytes
  • Preserved in activated state
  • Delivering a panel of factors stimulating wound healing

How Evocellic
works in Detail

EVOCellic enables fast and effective healing by stimulating the skin’s natural healing process. EVOCellic is based on keratinocytes being the ‘active component’, which contain and release growth factors. The release of growth factors into the wound bed allows the  remaining cells to proliferate and close the wound, while also signaling for migration of more keratinocytes and fibroblast to the wound site.

The product will follow the regulatory path for Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product (ATMP) marketing authorization in Europe.

EVOCellic is in the preclinical stage of development, with clinical proof of concept data expected in 2028.


Production of active therapeutic cells


Freeze dried cells are placed on the wound


Growth factors stimulate wound healing

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