Our strategy is based on a mixed business model, developing mid- and long-term value with our in-house R&D pipeline and attracting partners for R&D services, thus generating short- and mid-term revenues. 

By strengthening our leadership for developing burn treatments we will also drive innovations for new advanced wound therapies.

For this we are targeting the following  goals and objectives:


Our vision and mission

Our vision...

  • Developing and delivering highly effective and save innovations to heal critical wounds 
  • Changing the paradigm of “wound care” to “wound healing”

Our mission ...

  • Becoming  the leading R&D specialist delivering innovative burn therapies
  • Building a valuable pipeline of product candidates for the treatment of critical wounds
  • Becoming the competent partner for companies seeking a collaboration in the area of wound healing

Our focus & core values

Our focus...

  • We develop a portfolio of in-house projects covering pharmaceuticals and medical devices for the treatment of acute-, burn- and chronic wounds. 
  • Together with our partners we provide services to companies looking for a collaboration in the field of the EVOMEDIS expertise.

Our core values ...

  • Our core values are centered around a broad competence, knowledge base, network & development pipeline in the field of wound healing & therapy:



Our advisory board