Development Pipeline

Medical devices


Smart Dressing to sensor the wound pH in combination with antiseptic 

EVOSens+ monitors the wound-pH

EVOSens+ releases an antiseptic with:

  • Potent biocidal activity 
  • Low trend to bacterial resistance
  • Low risk of adverse skin reactions
  • Positive effect on wound healing

Cell Therapy 


A next generation wound therapy based on human allogeneic cells: 

  • A new keratinocyte-product to close a major gap for the treatment of deep second degree burns with the potential treatment option for severe ulcers 
  • A formulation of human allogeneic keratinocytes under ATMP regulations
  • With a favorable target product profile:
    - Freeze-dried
    - Storage @ or above -20 degrees celsius, optimally @ 4 degrees celsius
    - Cost effective GMP compliant production process based on allogeneic keratinocytes only 
  • Rockinger et al., European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Volume 160, 1 May 2021, 105746